Letterman Jackets

High Schoolers

Any athlete who has completed at least one season in any high school sport is eligible to purchase a jacket (contact info below).

The base cost of the jacket currently costs $40 and includes:

- Royal blue jacket

- Gray vinyl sleeves

- TW on the front left of the jacket

- 2 inserts of your choice (football, volleyball, etc. that is sewn into the TW)

From there you can upgrade to one of the following packages:


SPIRIT PACKAGE - $90 (adds 2 patches of your choice)

PRIDE PACKAGE - $105 (adds 1 patch of your choice + your last name on back)

ESSENTIAL PACKAGE - $130 (adds 2 patches of your choice + your last name on back)

You may also customize your jacket with individual upgrades:

- Upgrade to leather sleeves:  + $75

- Add your last name on the back:  + $10 - $15 (depending on choice of font)

- Purchase additional sleeve patches:  + $25/each

- Purchase a Tribe shield sleeve patch:  + $25/each

- Embroider your name or initials in white on front of jacket: + $17.50

- Embroider your name or initials in white on back of collar:  + $17.50

PAYMENT:  Partial payment is due at the time of ordering and at least half of the balance is due within 6 days of ordering so that the jacket can be sent into production.  Any remaining payments can be made online (http://www.balfourletterjackets.com).  The entire balance must be paid before the jacket can be delivered/picked up.

TIME FRAME:  It will take 8-10 weeks to complete your jacket from the time your order goes into production.  Once completed, your jacket will be mailed to you.  If you would like to print a gift certificate for the jacket to give to your athlete as a gift to open on Christmas, birthday, etc., to let them know you intend to buy it, we have one here.

When you're ready to order, contact Rhonda Riggs at the Balfour office located at 183 & Anderson Mill:

Rhonda Riggs


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